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Bringing it Back Home: Live Oak Investors Opens New Office in Corpus Christi

Live Oak Investors

With his passion for financial planning and focus on providing stellar client service, Jason Zamora brings Live Oak Investors home to the Sparkling City by the Sea.

By: Kara George

Jason Zamora’s vision for Live Oak Investors was to create a private wealth management group providing customized and personalized financial services. A group based on the principles of trust and commitment to a successful financial future. A place where clients would feel at home with an advisor they could trust. Zamora has successfully created this atmosphere 25 years later by applying principles from his own childhood and hometown experiences.

After graduating from Incarnate Word Academy in 1994, Zamora left his hometown of Corpus Christi to pursue an education in finance. Attending St. Mary’s University, he majored in corporate finance with a minor in accounting. Directly upon graduation, he went to work for New York Life Insurance companies at the age of 22. After three years, Zamora became the youngest advisor to be promoted to partner with New York Life. Now responsible for recruiting and developing, Zamora began to miss the one-on-one interaction he previously had with his clients.

“If I was going to make it or break it in this business, I wanted to do it myself,” Zamora said. At the age of 28, he established Live Oak Investors and reconnected with his passion for financial planning.

His excitement for helping others with their financial futures stemmed from his youth experiences. “My mom was a single parent, and I knew there was a lot of luck involved with me having the lifestyle I did as a kid, Zamora said. “I wanted to take the luck out of someone being financially fit. When helping families with children, I don’t want them to be able to go to college by accident. I want it to be more calculated and planned out.”

Live Oak Investors

Today, Zamora applies these beliefs to his business and expresses the importance of a plan to his clients, encouraging them to not base their financial future on luck alone.

Casper Wenzel, a retired IWA basketball coach, also played a key role in shaping Zamora’s business beliefs. Wenzel’s words of wisdom, “You don’t stay the same; you either get better or worse” still resonate with Zamora as he strives for growth, both personally and professionally, each day.

“You realize later on they are teaching you more about life rather than sports,” Zamora said of Wenzel. Taking these key principles he learned from his hometown heroes, Zamora has been able to help others and expand Live Oak Investors.

Recently, Zamora has been able to connect his present and his past with his true passion by expanding Live Oak Investors back to his hometown. About 90 percent of Zamora’s business is now based in the Hill Country and South Texas area.

“It’s ironic to have left Corpus, and now have found my way back,” Zamora said. Returning to his hometown, Zamora has built a strong connection with the retirement community, “The fact that I can help retirees with their retirement planning needs so close to home has been what I thrive on,” he said.

Zamora’s team at Live Oak Investors helps clients feel at home by building a trusting rapport and putting clients’ goals first. “Being the largest isn’t the most important thing to me; it’s about being recognized for exceptional client service,” Zamora said. “It’s not about getting attention; it’s about attention to detail.”

He believes as a fiduciary he should be readily accessible to clients when needed, whether it is for business or personal tasks. Zamora understands that many investors have anxiety when it comes to financial planning and retirement, which is why he believes delivering a customized plan and performance is key.

“When I look around and see my wife and children, it motivates me to do my best and perform in a way that will enable other families to solidify their future for those that they love so much!”

For more information on Live Oak Investors, visit or contact the team directly at 830-331-1113.