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The Top 9 Ways People Near Retirement Use Fiduciary Advisers

By February 7, 2022Uncategorized

Financial uncertainty is one of the biggest sources of stress among Americans in or approaching retirement.

Not knowing what your expenses will be, especially if you or your spouse needs long-term care.

Uncertainty over whether your combined income sources will allow you to live the way you want to or whether you’re investing your retirement savings in ways that enable it to last for potentially 25 years or more. Uncertainty over how to minimize the impact of capital gains taxes and investment expenses.

And concerns over how to discuss your wealth distribution intentions to your family without causing conflicts.

Fortunately, professional help is available. A qualified, fully vetted fee-only fiduciary adviser can help you address all of these issues and more.

What can they do for you, and what will you get for the fee you pay, year in and year out? The best way to get your money’s worth out of a fully vetted fee-only fiduciary adviser is to learn how other people are using theirs. Here are examples.

1. To make sure you won’t run out of money in retirement

2. To figure out how much you can afford to spend in retirement